Bif Naked's Superbeautifulmonster

Post ImageI dunno what it is, but for the last couple days now I just keep finding music I like! The latest is Bif Naked’s new album, Superbeautifulmonster. And damn, that’s a catchy album title, especially spelled the way it is.

The first single, which you’ve probably heard, is called “Let Down”, and it’s what I would call “classic” Bif Naked. Has the power and emotion that reminds me of “I Love Myself Today” from the Purge album. Some of the other tracks on the new album that stuck out for me are “Ladybug Waltz”, “The World is Over” and “Abandonment”.

One of the best songs on the album is actually a remake. Bif Naked does “Nothing Else Matters”, originally by Metallica, and it actually sounds really great! I hate it when an artist redoes a song and completely changes the way it sounds. Fortunately in this case, it’s evident that “Nothing Else Matters” a Metallica song. It’s interesting to listen to the original and the remake – same song, different gender for the lead singer.

I really enjoyed the album, and if you’re looking for some good girl rock music, you might too.

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