Google Wallet?

Post ImageThis is another one of those rumors that just will not die. I wonder if it’s going to turn out to be true, just like Google Talk was. Here’s the latest evidence to suggest that Google might be entering the online payment business:

Gary spotted a job opening (and here) for a “Fraud Operations Director, Merchant Payment Solutions” position at Google. Google already has people that look into click fraud issues with ads, so this seems like something different. We know that Google’s working on some type of payment system that’s apparently been dubbed Google Wallet. Perhaps this job is related to that? And is the system a rival to PayPal? No, said Google earlier this year.

Unlike Google Talk, I am eagerly awaiting Google’s payment system (if it really does exist). PayPal is far and away the best service available, and is incredibly entrenched, so I’d be interested to see what Google can bring to the table. And no, I don’t think anyone who currently supports PayPal would jump ship to Google Wallet – more likely, they’d support both.

Read: John Battelle

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