Kazaa is Dead

Post ImageActually, Kazaa has been dead for a very long time in my eyes, but now it’s official:

An Australian court ruled on Monday that the popular file-sharing network Kazaa violated Australian music copyrights and ordered the company to modify its software to help prevent it.

Sharman issued a statement after the ruling saying: “In the judgment handed down today, both parties have had a win, although neither side has had a complete victory. Sharman Networks is obviously disappointed that we have not been completely successful. But we will appeal those parts of the decision where we were not successful and are confident of a win on appeal.”

Yeah, I don’t think so. Look what happened to Napster after it was ordered to modify it’s software to prevent illegal sharing of copyrighted materials – dead quick. There’s no way Kazaa will recover from this.

Not that it matters! Thanks to BitTorrent, Kazaa has been waiting for that final nail in the coffin for quite some time. Goodbye Kazaa, I won’t miss you. In fact, I’d be super happy if users couldn’t download the crappy, adware-laden software any more, as it would save me the trouble of having to remove it when I do a consulting job.

Read: New York Times

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