REVIEW: Come And Get It – Rachel Stevens

Post ImageWere you an S Club 7 fan? Me either! Regardless, my last review of the week is on the upcoming album from former S Club 7’er Rachel Stevens. Her new disc is called “Come And Get It”, and features the singles “I Said Never Again” and “So Good”. It’s a typical studio release at 12 tracks and a total running time of not quite 45 minutes, but it’s also a great collection of music.

I challenge you to listen to the album and tell me that it didn’t make you want to get up and start dancing! That’s right, I said CHALLENGE! Anyway, “Come And Get It” is full of electronic-pop-dance tracks so if that’s not your thing, you won’t like the album. Otherwise, you’ll probably enjoy listening to it! Every song is upbeat and happy, even “I Will Be There” and “It’s All About Me” which are probably the slowest songs on the disc. My favorites are definitely “So Good” and “I Said Never Again”, but “Negotiate With Love” and “Every Little Thing” also stood out for me. You know the more I think about it, the more I like “I Said Never Again”. It’s just one of those songs that you could listen to on repeat. It’s one of those songs that is as appropriate for the club and dance floors as it is for a major sporting event. It’s also begging for a remix.

The “I Said Never Again” single is available on October 3rd, and as far as I can tell the full album drops on October 10th, so definitely check it out. It’s good enough to earn a 7/10 from me!

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