Portable Media Expo Day 1

Post ImageOverall I’d say that today was a very productive one for Paramagnus! We didn’t arrive at LAX until around 9:30 AM, which meant it was near 11:30 AM by the time we made it to Ontario – an hour and a half after the Expo opened. We rented a car in Los Angeles to drive into Ontario, and I must say, it was an experience! Once I did the first merge onto the freeway it wasn’t so bad, but that initial merge was a little scary – so many lanes, so many cars, such fast speeds! The freeways really are a good idea though, as it doesn’t take long to get where you need to go.

This is the first year for the Portable Media Expo, so we didn’t know exactly what to expect. As it turns out, the event has been a huge success! There were lots of people roaming the floors of the exhibit hall today, so we got the chance to introduce ourselves and our podcasting stuff to a pretty sizable audience. The feedback we have received thus far was all very encouraging – so much so that all we really want to do is go back to Edmonton to continue coding!

We’ll be in the exhibit hall all day tomorrow, and we’ve also got the stage for thirty minutes tomorrow morning starting at 10:15 AM. We’re planning to give an overview of the company and our products, and do a couple of quick demos. Unfortunately we won’t have the Podbot on hand – the robot is in need of repairs that we just can’t do in the hotel room.

I posted up a quick sample episode tonight to my podcast, so you can take a look at some of the features we’ve got working. Obviously there is much to be done, but you can see the audio conversion and the dynamic segmenting, for example. More to come soon!

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