Don't Wait for Vista

Post ImageMy friend Kevin recently posted about how impressed he has been with the Windows XP experience (he switched over from Apple). No matter your religious affiliation, it’s hard to ignore that XP is a very stable, solid operating system, and the upcoming Windows Vista will only build on that. In fact, Vista looks so promising that the Gartner Group has changed their original advice:

Gartner Group has clarified its advice for when users should consider moving to Microsoft Vista, saying that organizations still running Windows 2000 should consider upgrading as soon as Vista ships.

Previously, Gartner had advised that “companies shouldn’t rush to upgrade to Microsoft Windows Vista” and that “most firms could safely hold back until 2008.”

I was impressed with how stable the Beta 1 release was, at least as far as the fundamentals are concerned. I am really looking forward to Beta 2. And seriously, 2008? Five years has been long enough without a new version of Windows, thank you very much.

Read: CNET

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