Time Persons of the Year

Post ImageTime announced their “person of the year” for 2005 this morning, except that it’s “persons” – three in fact. Dubbed the “The Good Samaritans”, the magazine has chosen Bill and Melinda Gates and Bono as the “Persons of the Year“. From the cover story article:

These are not the people you expect to come to the rescue.

Rock stars are designed to be shiny, shallow creatures, furloughed from reality for all time. Billionaires are even more removed, nestled atop fantastic wealth where they never again have to place their own calls or defrost dinner or fly commercial. So Bono spends several thousand dollars at a restaurant for a nice Pinot Noir, and Bill Gates, the great predator of the Internet age, has a trampoline room in his $100 million house. It makes you think that if these guys can decide to make it…

For full access to the article, you can watch a brief advertisement, otherwise you’ll have to pay a few dollars (or wait for the actual magazine to come out). I think the three make a very interesting choice. There’s no doubt that Bono is an activist unlike any other, and the Gates give more money each year than you can imagine.

Read: Time.com

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