Minka Kelly

Ever come across someone you think might make it big one day? Well that’s what happened to me when I saw Minka Kelly, so this post is here in case she does become a star – then I can say, told you so! She’s been in two movies according to IMDB, and has guest starred in a few TV shows, including “What I Like About You” which is where I first saw her. She’s not listed in the credits for the movie Serenity at IMDB, but at least one website includes her in the cast (and I haven’t seen the movie, so I don’t know).

Other than that, I don’t know anything about her. There’s no bio information on IMDB, she doesn’t appear to have her own website, and even the photos of her are few and far between (she’s pictured here with Donald Faison). My advice to her agent – get a website and make sure it’s the top result in Google! Right now a search for “Minka Kelly” returns mostly porn links.

I think she’s really pretty, and potentially talented (the few clips I’ve seen are too short to really judge, but they weren’t bad). I like her name too, very unique. Maybe she’ll make it!

8 thoughts on “Minka Kelly

  1. I agree… Minka will make it big some day. At least I hope so. She is beautiful and has a good head on her shoulders. She just needs that special break; that memorable role that will put her in the lime light… As her Uncle, I am very proud of her.

  2. I totally agree with you both, I think Minka is on her way to the top! Stunningly beautiful, extremely smart and an amazing young actress. I have a really good fuzzy feeling she’ll be all over the big screens, for a long time to come! Go Mink!

  3. She is the star on Friday Night Lights, Tuesdays on NBC at 8pm. She reminds me of an old friend from TX. I just love her. The reason I am posting is because I came accross your site looking for a bio. You can find more pics of her on NBC summber press. She was in a great scene last night and she strikes me as extremely talented. I hope to see much more of her.

  4. Yea, shes extremely alented, but if she wants to make it big, shes going to need to show off hose tits and pink pussy in playboy before anyone will remember her name.

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