Mobile Podcasting in China

Post ImageStan Sorensen at the Mobile Podcasting blog notes that Melodeo, a company that provides music and podcasts to cell phones, has formed a joint venture in China:

Melodeo has gotten together with ACCESS China to form a joint venture in China. The JV will deploy the first secure mobile network for digital content in China. This is a huge opportunity for us. The 2 largest carriers in China represent 350m users. Each one is accustomed to using their mobile phone as a computer – it’s the primary device for communicating, accessing the web, downloading data.

Stan also notes that “this is a first for mobile in China.” I’m not exactly sure what it means for mobile podcasting, but presumably a larger presence and user base for a company like Melodeo will only help.

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2 thoughts on “Mobile Podcasting in China

  1. Great question – what does it mean for mobile podasting in China? I believe we’re looking at a 2 step process here. First, we need to have a network in China that we can use to delivery digital content to the mobile and we need to get people to use it. The JV puts the network in place, and music will drive people to it. Once we have awareness and use we can roll out podcasts to complement the music. Now, I’m not saying that this is the plan of record, but it certainly follows what’s being done in other countries. If anything China may represent a shorter path to getting this done because of the fact that the Chinese are using their phones as their primary communication/internet access device.

  2. Thanks for the information Stan! I agree, unlike North America, the phone is rapidly becoming the primary Internet access device, so announcements like this JV are very intriguing.

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