Off to Northern Voice!

Post ImageWe leave tonite for Vancouver where we’ll spend tomorrow at Moose Camp and Saturday at Northern Voice. Megan’s flight is a little earlier than mine and Dickson’s but that’s okay. I know I have mentioned this already, but I’m really looking forward to the conference – last year was great, so I have high expectations for this one too. I probably won’t be bringing all the audio equipment like I did last year, but that’s okay, because Podcast Spot isn’t ready yet anyway!

The next few days will be very much related to the conference in terms of posting, so be prepared! Happy Birthday to Andrea and everyone else that I will miss this weekend, hope the party is lots of fun and rated G! In case you’re wondering, we get back into Edmonton late on Sunday evening.

Read: Northern Voice

2 thoughts on “Off to Northern Voice!

  1. Thanks for the birthday wish, but I’ll be so heartbroken at the party because my husband is not there….

    I might just have to drink my sorrows away and rape someone 🙂

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