Origami Revealed!

Post ImageEngadget has lots of cool news and pictures on the Origami devices today:

So we managed to get our hands on a Samsung Q1 / Origami device set to roll tomorrow here at CeBIT. Don’t ask how, but it’ll be awhile before we recover from the brutal caning we just received. From the five minutes we spent with it we can tell you, well, it’s an XP Tablet PC with a 7-inch display. Sorry, that’s about it, nothing earth-shattering here folks.

Okay, so the description doesn’t sound cool, but go take a look at the pictures! There’s a few more at CNET News.com too.

A later post reveals that the UI for the device has been found on the CeBIT website, and it includes pictures of a circular keyboard meant for thumb typing. Interesting idea, but I wonder how it works in practice.

Read: Engadget

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