Paramagnus Wins Wes Nicol!

We just got back from the dinner and awards ceremony, and we’re extremely happy to report that Paramagnus has won the national Wes Nicol Entrepreneurial Award for 2006! We had a good feeling after the presentation earlier today, and it proved to be right.

We’re off to the Presidential Suite here at the Fairmont to celebrate, so we’ll post more later.

7 thoughts on “Paramagnus Wins Wes Nicol!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS PARAMAGNUS!!! Way-To-Go Dickson and Mack, enjoy the celebration and have a great time in Ottawa. We look forward to viewing pictures and reading press releases, seeing and hearing interviews! Guess this would be the opportune time to ask for your autographs!!! You have both worked very hard, enjoy this awesome acknowledgment of your skills and business savvy. Now go, relax, have fun…PARTY HARDY! Congratulations to you both, we are very proud of what you have accomplished!

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