What's up with Google?

Post ImageI just went to Google to search for something (an activity we all do dozens of times each day) and the first thing I noticed was that something had changed. I wasn’t immediately sure what it was, so I did another search. I see now what is different.

They changed the interface, and I don’t like it. In searches that don’t have ads associated with them, for “mastermaq” say, the results page is even more sparse than in the past. The familiar Google graphic for going from page 1 to page 2 and so on is now gone, leaving only text. In searches with ads however, they no longer appear on the side, but in a huge box at the top and another box at the bottom. I am also noticing that the number of results being returned is very small, and the processing time for each search is taking longer than normal (though still really quick).

Anyone know what’s going on? Is this an experiment or something? I only took a cursory glance at the feeds I subscribe to, but I haven’t been able to find anything yet.

[Just in case this is an experiment that only reaches limited numbers of users, here’s a screenshot.]

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4 thoughts on “What's up with Google?

  1. Your screenshot looks like maybe it is the mobile version of Google or something? I once had a problem where Google would always give me its mobile version whenever using a particular revision of Firefox on Linux. After it persisted for a couple days, I contacted Google and they fixed it and replied to me shortly after.

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