Podcasting with .NET and Paramagnus

[This post originally appeared at the Canadian Developers blog on MSDN, so check it out, it’s a great blog. For those of you who might consider parts of this post somewhat dated, that’s because it was written a couple weeks ago!]

Post ImageIf you’re a .NET developer in Canada, you’ve probably already heard of Plumbers at Work and if you haven’t, you should! It’s a great podcast featuring “four geeks from Canada” talking about all things .NET and Microsoft. I’m not exactly sure how they create and publish their episodes, but I am guessing it’s not as easy as they would like. In fact, most podcasters are pretty technical folks – at least for the time being.

Along with Dickson Wong, I run the Edmonton .NET Wizards user group in Edmonton, Alberta, but we have another connection to .NET development too – we create tools and services for podcasting. Our software company is Paramagnus Developments Inc., and we are trying to make podcasting as easy and as fun as possible.

We have created two applications and two services – Podcast Spot is our hosting service, Podcast Wizard is our Windows-based creation tool, Podcast Tags is our directory/tagging service, and Podcast Basket is our “podcatcher”, an application that helps you find, subscribe to, and manage podcast downloads. Our entire solution has been built using .NET and related technologies, and it has really allowed us to accomplish our development goals very quickly. We’re are currently on track to launch in May 2006.

Just recently we had some great success in a couple of business plan competitions. We were one of three finalists in the Alberta-wide VenturePrize business plan competition, and the following day we won the national Wes Nicol competition. Both competitions were a boost for our business, and the idea of a podcasting company in general, as the judges were some of the most respected investors and business people in the country.

We’ll be at Canada’s Web 2.0 conference called Mesh in May, so stop by and check out the products we have created! We’ll also do our best to get Plumbers at Work to start using a Canadian-made, .NET-based solution for podcasting šŸ˜‰

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