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Post ImageI was asked a few weeks ago if I’d be interested in writing something for the May issue of the Financial Post Business Magazine. I guess the editor is a happy subscriber of this blog 😉 Of course, how could I refuse such an opportunity?! So I happily put together an article, which was included in the special report on telecom in this month’s edition, on podcasting and how it affects business and communications:

Business could be using podcasting for everything from audio press releases to customer relations. What’s it waiting for?

It’s easy to see why podcasting could revolutionize day-to-day communications. The tools and services that make it easy to create a podcast are coming, from companies like Paramagnus and our competitors. Online directories and software applications like Apple’s iTunes already make it simple to find and subscribe to podcasts. And the simpler it gets, the more people will take advantage of this powerful tool.

Beyond that, podcasting has business applications ranging from audio and video press releases, to offering tips and tricks on using the company’s products, to internally podcasting company news for employees. Podcasting is more than just the new millennium’s version of ham radio; it is a complete communications solution. When you think of it as something other than a new and geeky technology, the many different ways podcasting can affect your daily life become not only extremely obvious, but awfully exciting.

The entire piece is about 800 words, so the two paragraphs I posted above are just a snippet (but are the main idea behind the article). I had fun writing it, so I hope you enjoy reading it too!

Read: FP Business

6 thoughts on “Published in the National Post

  1. HOLY! You should be a journalist and forget this tech stuff. You’re an excellent writer, and you do it more often than putting out product! (haha, jk.)

    But really, congrats!

  2. Thanks Megan! The best part is that it’s pretty much word-for-word what I wrote – very little editing at all. I hear the editors were quite happy with it, so I am stoked 😉

  3. I wish people would put their real names on the blogs. Honestly – I got this information from a blog called Mastermaq and while I think the information is good, it kind of kills the credibility when I have to…

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