Toronto Trip Day 1

It’s amazing how fast we switched on to Eastern time – I am exhausted right about now, and it’s only 10:40 or so! Anyway, today was our first full day in Toronto, and it went fairly well. After the conference sessions ended we came back to hotel to relax for a bit, then met Ashish for dinner. The weather wasn’t particularly nice today, windy and cloudy earlier, and raining tonight.

As for Mesh, it has been great so far, though not what I was expecting. I guess I had in my head that a Web 2.0 conference would be very techy, with application demos and the like, when in reality Mesh has turned out to be the opposite. I get the sense there are far more business or otherwise non-tech people in the audience. The two streams today were Media and Society, with tomorrow focusing on Business and Marketing/PR. I think I am looking forward to tomorrow’s sessions more than todays.

On to day two!