Internet Discovery

Post ImageSome say I spend too much time on the computer, but I say bah! Some say I spend too much time on the Internet, but again, I say bah! Why do I say bah? Because I know there’s still hope for us geeks, as demonstrated by Rory Blyth (who works for Microsoft):

[Google.] I owe you in a very big way. There are six billion people in the world, approximately five zillion web pages cataloged in your little magnetic platters, and you somehow managed against the odds to deliver a highly intelligent (major: aviation science / minor: journalism/creative writing), dynamic, gorgeous human being to my doorstep. I’m willing to pretend for a few minutes like our two companies aren’t out for each other’s jugulars with piano wire.

Seriously, it’s a great story, you should go read the whole thing. Rory is an excellent writer too.

So what kind of hope does he give us? Well, not necessarily that what happened to him will happen to the rest of us (although that would be cool, the girl is gorgeous!), but hope that there lies within the Internet a great potential, still waiting to be discovered.

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