AMD to drop ATI brand

Post ImageYou probably heard a couple weeks ago that number two chipmaker AMD was purchasing Canadian graphics manufacturer ATI. I was a little surprised by the deal, but I guess it was a strategic move for AMD, and hopefully it will result in better products for all of us. Anyway, just came across this article that says AMD has decided to drop the ATI brand:

Chip guru AMD has announced that it’s going to drop the ATi brand name following its takeover of the Canadian graphics underdog. Gareth Cater from AMD told Custom PC that ‘the new company will be called AMD,’ meaning that we could shortly be seeing AMD-branded Radeon graphics chips.

[Richard] Baker [from AMD] said that ‘the company is being bought, so it’s fairly standard that the name should go, as it’s becoming a part of AMD.’

No word yet on whether or not they will keep the other brand names like Radeon for sure, though I would expect they would. I am thinking the next video cards we see will use the AMD Radeon brand.

Hope you weren’t attached to the ATI brand name!

Read: Custom PC

One thought on “AMD to drop ATI brand

  1. If this is an attempt to build the AMD brand, then it’s not worth the cost of throwing away the ATI brand – superficially a horrible decision. ATI is one of those brands that isn’t widely known as Canadian, so squashing it is throwing away something that’s hard to attain.

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