BlogosphereRadio Archives

Post ImageLong time readers of my blog will know that BlogosphereRadio was my first foray into podcasting, created way back in September of 2004. In my initial post about the site, I said it would probably always be a work in progress. I guess that was sort of correct – the site has been dormant since roughly March 2005. The idea has lived on though, as BlogosphereRadio was definitely the inspiration for Podcast Spot (at least in the beginning).

I have been doing some cleanup work on some our servers lately, and I realized that I hadn’t touched BlogosphereRadio in a very long time. Things were broken, etc, so I made some changes. The forums are now unavailable, and the “play” links don’t work. I fixed the download links however, so you can now download any of the shows in both WMA and MP3 format. I also stuck a little “dormant” message at the top of most of the pages.

I can’t see a revival of BlogosphereRadio being likely, but never say never. My intent for now is to leave the site up for archival purposes and nothing more. I won’t be adding to it, so don’t bother subscribing to the feeds.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of BlogosphereRadio, download my favorite episode.

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