REVIEW: Snakes on a Plane

Post ImageThis is the post I know you’ve all been waiting for – I just got back from Snakes on a Plane! Tonight was definitely the night to go, as everyone in attendance was cheering and shouting and super excited for the movie. Someone even had one of those big snakes you can get in the kids section at Ikea. And even better, we were first in line! To put it simply, the movie exceeded my expectations, which were actually fairly simple: there must be snakes, a plane, and Samuel L. Jackson. In addition to those three things, Snakes on a Plane delivered violence, coarse language, nudity and sex. And perhaps most awesomely, a surprising variety of snake attacks!

The movie started out a little oddly, but I soon realized they were just setting up the plot. As crazy as it sounds, they actually had a decent plot behind the movie. Better than some that I have seen anyway (such as every Batman movie except the first Tim Burton one and Batman Begins). It didn’t take long to get the plane in the air, snakes and all. And as soon as the snakes got loose, and the mayhem began, I was happy. I think the entire theater was (despite a few empty seats).

I wish I could have been there when they came up with ways for the snakes to attack and kill people! They had just about everything you can think of, and then some. They had all sorts of passengers too – kids, babies, a lady with a dog, a guy deathly afraid of flying, a grumpy business man, a spoiled music star, etc. I am so glad they trashed that PG rating and went straight for R – they held nothing back! I couldn’t even watch at some points. Of course I did anyway.

Samuel L. Jackson was awesome. He had some great moments in the movie, and when he delivered the now infamous “I’ve had it with these motherfuckin snakes on this motherfuckin plane!” the entire theater erupted into cheers and applause! Smartly, he doesn’t say it until near the end. Speaking of the ending, it was actually pretty good!

Now let’s get one thing straight – this movie is not meant to please critics or be realistic or any of that crap. It’s meant to deviate from the norm, and deliver the literal greatness that is its title. Snakes on a Plane does not disappoint in that regard. If nothing else, I hope the movie shows Hollywood they can be experimental and try new things, even if they sound crazy at first. I am willing to bet this won’t be the last movie that borrows lines or ideas from the community.

I thoroughly enjoyed Snakes on a Plane. If you’re afraid of snakes or flying you might want to avoid it, otherwise, I think you’ll enjoy it too! I expect most people won’t see the movie in the theater, which is fine, because I think it will make a great DVD rental. I intend to buy it when it comes out. It’s the perfect kind of movie to sit around and watch with a bunch of friends, though there’s probably too many snakes to turn it into a drinking game.

I dunno what I am going to do now, I’ve been waiting for this movie for so long! I guess there’s always hope that Samuel L. Jackson will make “mo’ motherfuckin snakes on mo’ motherfuckin planes!”

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Snakes on a Plane


    that and me yelling out "JOHN SHAFT MOTHAFUCKA!" every time he killed a snake hahahaha.

    someone should’ve yelled out "GOOOOO MACE WINDU!" I can’t wait ’til the soundboard is out.

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