Another Update

I’ve had so many things to blog about, but simply haven’t been around enough the last few days to do so! I guess that’s what happens around this time of year. Maybe starting testing for Podcast Spot at the same time as I am moving and getting ready to go back to school wasn’t such a good idea! Not that the testing is going badly or anything, on the contrary, it’s been great so far. We’re expanding it next week which I’m pretty excited about!

Here are some things I have been thinking about:

  • I did take some time to see a couple Fringe plays this week. I intend on writing a review of one of them, as a friend from high school wrote and starred in it!
  • I knew Apple would announce a recall sooner or later! The cause was the same as for Dell – Sony batteries.
  • I don’t know why everyone is so attached to the former planet Pluto. I think it’s great that we have accepted that objects we found decades ago are less like planets and more like other, smaller objects. And as the headline reads, solar system’s “loss” is collectors’ gain (quotes are mine, its not really a loss, just a new label!)
  • I’m sad that SOAP didn’t make more money at the boxoffice. It was still an awesome experience though!
  • Have you heard “Candyman” by Christina Aguilera? Catchy song! Makes me want to dance, though I’m hopeless. Either “Candyman” or “Hurt” will be her next single according to Wikipedia.

I’m off soon to pick up my brother from the airport! My Dad also is coming to town for the weekend. I start moving Sunday, and Dickson returns to Edmonton on Monday. Should be a crazy next few days!

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