Lonelygirl15 dances with Tucker Carlson!

Post ImageI was just watching The Tonight Show, and Jay Leno did a segment called “videos we found on YouTube”. Of course, he showed one of lonelygirl15’s videos (not sure who I am talking about? read this NYTimes article…it will bring you up to speed). And right after that, she came out on to the stage! She basically confessed everything we already knew (well if you have read the article linked above anyway). Then she said she wasn’t so lonely anymore, and Tucker Carlson (who Jay had made fun of earlier for getting kicked off “Dancing with the stars”) came on stage and they danced! It was pretty funny. Even though I really don’t like Tucker Carlson.

Lonelygirl15 is actually aspiring actress Jessica Rose (and she’s 19, not 15). Apparently she’s pretty amazed with the attention she is getting. There’s lots of commenters out there who just keep calling her “fake” and are angry that they were led on. I say, does it matter? Her and her three buddies have done something pretty amazing! I can’t wait to see what else is created now that they have “broken new ground” in a sense. You can’t be mad at them for being creative!

Here is lonelygirl15’s page on YouTube. I can’t seem to find a clip from tonight’s show, but by the time you read this, it’ll probably be up on YouTube somewhere.

4 thoughts on “Lonelygirl15 dances with Tucker Carlson!

  1. crazy!! I only wish I knew about this at the start so I could follow along. But now that I know, it’s not very fun. She’s not hot anyways.

  2. I think she’s attractive! Perhaps "hot" is too strong a word. Anyway, I think she’s a great kinetic actress. If you watch her video’s you’ll see she doesn’t have the best dialogue or emotional speech, but you can pretty much understand what’s going on by her actions and mannerisms.

  3. Yeah I watched 2 of her videos, I think that last 2. The one about her dad not letting her goto the party and the one where she was deciding if she should go to the party or not. She really did have a way about her that was captivating. I actually did listen really intently on what she said, even if I didn’t care for what she had to say. If that makes sense.

    That being said, if they do make a movie or a tv show out of this I won’t be watching. I don’t like being deceived. But from the apparent popularity this has gained, I’m sure it will be a huge success with or without my support.

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