Halloween is sexy not scary!

Post ImageOver the last couple days I have had conversations with at least two friends about Halloween and how the girls dress up in revealing costumes. As you might have guessed, I am generally in favor of the trend! Then today while browsing the NYTimes, I came across this article on the phenomenon:

In her thigh-highs and ruby miniskirt, Little Red Riding Hood does not appear to be en route to her grandmother’s house. And Goldilocks, in a snug bodice and platform heels, gives the impression she has been sleeping in everyone’s bed. There is a witch wearing little more than a Laker Girl uniform, a fairy who appears to shop at Victoria’s Secret and a cowgirl with a skirt the size of a tea towel.

Anyone who has watched the evolution of women’s Halloween costumes in the last several years will not be surprised that these images — culled from the Web sites of some of the largest Halloween costume retailers — are more strip club than storybook.

Is that really so surprising? Sex sells, as they say. Halloween is basically an excuse for women to dress in something they wouldn’t normally dare admit they own, much less wear. The feminists of course don’t like the idea very much, and they are quick to point out that there aren’t many sexy costumes for guys. But you have to ask yourself why there aren’t as many for men: is it because there’s a double standard, or is it because there are more sexy females than sexy males? Or maybe it simply tells us that more people like to see sexy females, including other females, rather than sexy men.

I’ll never forget last year. I was with a bunch of friends at Denny’s at around 3 AM, so after the bars have closed and people have started to trickle into reliable old Denny’s. A group of girls walked in, with a couple of them dressed in sexy bunny costumes. They walked by our table, and one deliberately dropped something and bent down to pick it up, allowing us to have a good look if we so chose. Maybe she was drunk, or maybe she was just what I like to call an “attention whore”. Either way, it was memorable to say the least.

What are some of the sexiest costumes you’ve seen? Have you worn one, or would you consider wearing one?

Read: NYTimes

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