How could Zune's software suck so badly?

Post ImagePerhaps you’ve heard on the news recently that Microsoft’s new digital media player, the Zune, is hardly flying off the shelves. I guess that’s not too surprising given the early reviews the device has received. Now I know Microsoft is pretty good at hardware (Xbox, mice and keyboards, etc.) but they are still a software company. How is it then, that they could have screwed up the software side of the Zune so badly?

Now I haven’t seen or tested a Zune, so I can’t say I have had similar experiences. And granted, not all of the reviews are so negative (indeed there are quite a few positive ones), but still. A software company should have gotten the software part absolutely right, don’t you think?

3 thoughts on “How could Zune's software suck so badly?

  1. Zune should have been supported in WMP11. I don’t get why MS is making this so difficult. Not having to install any software other than WMP11 on XP, and nothing on Vista would have been a huge selling point.

  2. You know, reading through these reviews brings back *painful* memories of my Sony MiniDisc walkman. I hope things go better for Microsoft and Zune users…

  3. The main thing the Zune has going for it is a firmware that can and will be upgraded to unlock its potential. I am not talking bug fixes, but an update that truly utilizes that wifi connection! Bug fixes will be important too though.

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