Interesting quotes for the day

Here’s a collection of interesting quotes I came across today:

“Microsoft’s latest operating system, Vista, which went on sale to corporate customers November 30 — can not run the latest version of Microsoft’s corporate database product, MS SQL Server.”
Why, exactly, would you want to run a server product on a consumer operating system? Good job TechCrunch. It seems they have stopped thinking before posting.

“Americans drank more than 23 gallons of bottled water per person in 2004 — about 10 times as much as in 1980.”
I wish I had been the one to “invent” bottled water. It must be such a cash cow.

“In Europe you can freely question, ridicule and deny Jesus Christ. The same is true for the prophet Muhammad, and nothing will happen to you. But offer a single question of the smallest part of the Holocaust and you face prison.”
From former KKK Imperial Wizard David Duke at the Iran-hosted conference to “review the holocaust” which just happens to have the longest name ever.

“I will say this: yes, it is in fact my position that the Amanda Across America, ABC News and HBO projects are all Rocketboom projects that were usurped out of Rocketboom by Amanda when she quit.”
Looks like Andrew Baron and Amanda Congdon are at it again. Oh blogosphere drama, how we’ve missed you!

“People tended to get a bit excited … and in some cases the control would come loose from their hands.”
Nintendo announced they are recalling all controller straps for the Wii. I wonder how this one made it through testing! But you know what they say, there’s no such thing as bad press.

3 thoughts on “Interesting quotes for the day

  1. SQL 2005 Developer Edition is designed to run on XP for local development – I have a whole team using it.

    We figured out how to get SQL SP1 working by installing products in a funky order. But it is a bit lame that the supported version on Vista (SP2) is still in CTP.

  2. There’s also no such thing as an available Wii in Ottawa. At least I can play my PS3 – oh wait the killer games for that have not yet been released… So looks like it’s Gears of War for my XBox 360 if I want to be hip.

  3. You’re right, it will run on XP, specifically for development purposes. And while I don’t have any stats to back this up, I really can’t imagine that not supporting Vista right now is a big deal. By the time SP2 is released, most people STILL won’t be running Vista. It must have been a slow news day for TechCrunch to have to post about it.

    And yeah, I have read a number of posts in which people state they have gotten SP1 to run on Vista.

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