Pictures: Edmonton, Party, Casserole

Post ImageI just uploaded some pictures I took this evening of downtown Edmonton (from afar). I’ve been meaning to get out and try some long exposure shots, and tonight I finally got around to it. It was a little too windy perhaps, but I think the photos turned out okay. You can see them here.

Last night Jane had a small get-together at her house, which included a “re-gift” exchange! It was pretty neat – everyone brought something they didn’t want, and then we each took turns choosing a gift. And you could “steal” a gift that someone had already chosen too. I ended up with a travel mug and hot chocolate. Thanks to Felicia, who took most of these pictures.

The party was also a potluck dinner. Andrew called chips and salsa early, so I decided at Sharon’s urging to make a casserole with her. She picked a recipe for a farmer’s casserole, and we made it just before heading to the party. It was simple to prepare, took a long time to bake, and ended up tasting pretty good. Here are some pictures.

‘Tis the season for photos, and I expect I’ll have lots more over the next week or so.

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