A Rant About MySpace

Post ImageI hate MySpace. I simply cannot stand it. The navigation is horrible. The design is ugly. Their URLs are the most unfriendly ever. Random people add me to their “friends” list. Users have too much control over the look of the pages…which usually means that they end up making the pages painful to look at. Dancing text, repeating background images that were never meant to repeat, music that starts playing automatically, etc. I really cannot fathom how so many millions of people use MySpace on a daily basis.

Quite possibly the only thing I like about MySpace is that it runs on .NET and is therefore an excellent case study/example. But that would be the only reason.

Every single time I look at MySpace I cringe. Maybe I just don’t get it?

7 thoughts on “A Rant About MySpace

  1. I’m with ya on that one. I like Facebook’s interface better, although it could use some work too, esp in terms of adding friends (kind of cumbersome). What I DO like about FB for sure is that it’s clean, and the pages look the same, so it doesn’t have the confusion that MySpace has.

  2. I have both, and I’ll tell you in one simple sentence why Facebook is better, and why MySpace needs to crawl into a hole, douse itself in gasoline, and light itself on fire.

    I don’t get fucking spam messages from random people inviting me to some random and retared parties in the United States on Facebook.

  3. I agree with all the things you said about MySpace. Facebook has credibility because you need to "confirm" your friends. Also, I think MySpace is for tweens and teens and Facebook – with it’s roots in the need for a university affiliated e-mail address is for an "older" crowd. I *heart* Facebook.

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