Happy Birthday Yahoo!

Post ImageOn March 2nd, 1995 the site that started life as “Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web” incorporated as Yahoo (with an exclamation of course). I remember the early days, when all the pages had grey backgrounds and seemed to lack structure. It sure has come a long way. Tony Long at Wired explains:

Originally founded as a search engine/web directory, the company expanded rapidly through acquisitions to diversify into a full-blown internet service company, offering e-mail, instant messaging, social networking, online shopping and news, among other things.

I like Yahoo!, in case you hadn’t noticed, despite their growing pains.

And here’s a cool bit of trivia I just read on Wikipedia: if you click the exclamation point in the Yahoo logo on the homepage, you’ll hear the Yahoo yodel!

Read: Wired

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Yahoo!

  1. Originally founded as a web directory actually, because I was one of the people at Open Text that built the search engine that Yahoo! first used. We co-announced that partnership on September 22, 1995. All Yahoo! searches went to the Open Text Web Index, which I believe was the first full text search engine for the web.

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