Ikea to sell electronics?

Post ImageMaybe the next time you visit Ikea, the computer sitting on the desk will be a real one that you can buy. Maybe you’ll see a beautiful HDTV perched atop a familiar Ikea TV stand. It could happen (via Agenda Inc.):

Ikea could be next in a long list of retailers to move into the electricals market after Anders Dahlvig, chief executive, said that the company is considering adding electricals to its iconic furniture. In light of electricals’ positive market outlook, Ikea’s brand strength and its vast store footprints, selling electricals could prove a sound move by Ikea.

I think we have enough electronics retailers already, but I have to admit, it does make a lot of sense for Ikea. You can already buy an entire room (furniture/decoration at least) from Ikea, why not the stuff that goes in it?

Read: CBRonline.com

One thought on “Ikea to sell electronics?

  1. The problem with additional outlets is that it will dilute further the quanities around. I see a revenue stream for distributors in providing a shipping feed to consumers telling them which outlets good are going to and in which quantities.

    The days of highway robbery could then return ;-).

    I did manage to get a Nintendo Wii today – http://colinizer.com/2007/04/10/to-catch-a-wii/, but I had to call many retailers and many outlets for each retailer to make find them.

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