Fifth generation Archos to support H.264

Post ImageI’ve learned a lot about portable media players in the last year or so, mostly as a result of Podcast Spot. We convert audio and video files to a variety of different formats, so it’s useful to know which devices support which formats. I admit I was shocked to learn that current Archos devices only support H.264 video and AAC audio with an optional $20 USD plug-in. The website is kind of misleading about it too.

Looks like that might get fixed. Engadget has been exploring rumors about the next generation devices from Archos:

Nevertheless, GenerationMP3 was able to snag a screenshot of more details surrounding the PMPs, so here’s what we know now. The 405 will supposedly accept both miniSD and micro SD cards, support MPEG2/3/4, WMV, H.264, and AAC formats, play nice with JPEG, BPM, and PNG photos, and weigh 146 grams.

I hope that “support” as used above really means “support without additional software required.” The devices that Archos makes are fairly impressive, but the whole plug-in thing just grinds my gears.

Read: Engadget

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