Jordin Tootoo dating Kellie Pickler?!

Post ImageJust chatting with my Dad on MSN and he tells me that Jordin Tootoo is dating Kellie Pickler. What?! Are you kidding me? Apparently they have been together since January. Seriously, I gotta say, you could do better Kellie. Oh well, I guess she deserves what she gets:

She was earlier quoted as saying she was hoping to build an igloo on her visit. That didn’t pan out, but the Tootoo family is making sure she goes home with her share of truly northern experiences, like fishing and sampling local food.

“I’ve had different types of food that I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I’d try … raw caribou and whale blubber,” she said on Wednesday. “You’ve got to salt everything.”

I’ve tried the whale blubber – it’s called muktuk. It is by far the worst thing I have ever eaten in my entire life. Absolutely disgusting. Perhaps even worse than dating Tootoo (can you tell I don’t like him?). Ah I should clarify – I don’t know him, obviously, but I don’t like him as a hockey player.

Oh well, at least there’s still Carrie Underwood! Scratch that – she is apparently dating Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Damn professional athletes. Damn American Idol.

Read: CBC North

3 thoughts on “Jordin Tootoo dating Kellie Pickler?!

  1. Muktuk is in a word "nasty". I promised myself I would try everything I could in the north at least once. Once was enough. But maybe Kellie liked it because she is probably used to eating possum where she is from and that sounds equally nasty.

  2. Okay, I read this in the paper before I came back up to Inuvik! Didn’t I tell you Mack? Oh well…I think it’s absolutely hilirious! Oh and the way I like to describe my experience with Muktuk is grabbing a handful of lard and shoving it in your mouth! NASTY!! And to think they make Ice Cream from Muktuk too…haha, thats prolly what she had, something with flavouring in it!

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