Remembering Jordan Anderson

Unfortunately, Canadian soliders being killed in Afghanistan and other places around the world is not extremely rare. It’s also very sad when it happens, so I’ll be honest, I usually skim the headlines. I hadn’t even had the chance to do that yesterday morning, however, when I got a call from a CBC reporter looking for a comment on the death of Cpl. Jordan Anderson.

At first I thought she had the wrong number, but after checking out the group she mentioned on Facebook, I realized I did know Jordan. I was really good friends with his younger brother in elementary and junior high, and you could say our families were friends.

Along with five other soliders, Jordan was killed Wednesday when their armoured vehicle struck a massive roadside bomb near Kandahar.

A human interest story about Jordan ran in today’s Edmonton Journal:

“I would like to see Afghanistan turn into somewhere I could visit one day,” [Jordan] said last January, just days before he left Edmonton for his second tour of duty in Afghanistan.

He was quietly proud of the work he and his colleagues were doing. He genuinely felt he was making life safer and better for Afghans and thus helping rid the country of international terrorism. And, as odd as it might sound in a war zone, Jordan seemed content.

The last time I saw Jordan was many, many years ago. My friend Matt, who is in the Forces and who worked with Jordan, said he was “funny as hell.” I get the impression from talking to Matt and reading some of the articles, that Jordan was one of those guys you just wanted to be around.

I feel so sad for Jordan’s family, it’s such terrible news. I also feel extremely thankful for people like Jordan, who risk their lives every day to make the world a better place for the rest of us.

Thank you Jordan, you will be missed.

Read: Edmonton Journal

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