Bon Jovi Rocked!

Bon Jovi!Last night I went to the Bon Jovi concert here in Edmonton with Megan, Riva, and Ken. My parents flew down from Yellowknife for the concert too, which was pretty sweet. Megan saw Bon Jovi in Calgary during the summer, and she said last night’s show was probably better. I have to say, I was really impressed!

There was a really wide range of ages in the audience. If you couldn’t tell by looking at faces, you certainly could by the high number of lighters in the crowd! At JT it was almost 100% cell phones, but not so last night. Hedley opened the show, but I think the young people were still there for Bon Jovi.

Megan was the photographer for most of my photos, as she has steadier hands than I do. My new camera worked pretty darn well, I have to say, even zoomed in 15x.

It was the most expensive concert I’ve ever been to (~ $160) but it was well worth it.

2 thoughts on “Bon Jovi Rocked!

  1. Jealous here. I’m a big Bon Jovi fan and missed them here in the UK last year, and this year’s looking doubtful too 😦

    What was their set list like? Mostly Lost Highway I expect? And why do they hardly play stuff from These Days?

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