Last day in NY

I’m in Yellowknife now, where it is currently minus 22. A little colder than New York, or even Edmonton for that matter! Yesterday was our last day in the big city, though we really only had half a day.

After packing we stopped at Starbucks on our way to Bar Americain, the Bobby Flay restaurant that Sharon had been hyping for weeks. We arrived right at 11:30 for brunch and were seated right away. Bar Americain is pretty fancy, but perhaps not so much as Gramercy. The food was pretty good, but I am not sure it lived up to the high expectations we had for it. I’d probably go back again, but I wouldn’t order orange juice! It was $4.50 per glass!

At Bar Americain NY Trip NY Trip Waldorf Again

We took our time getting back to the hotel, stopping at yet another shoe store! Still no shoes were purchased heh. Eventually we made our way to LaGuardia and had a relatively uneventful trip home, minus a slight delay in Ottawa. We were kinda sad to be back in Canada, but happy we had such a great trip.

I’d definitely go back to Manhattan – it’s my kind of place! All the photos from our trip are here. I have a few more to upload but they’ll have to wait until after Xmas so they don’t give anything away!

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