Barack Obama clinches the Democratic nomination

barack obama from cnnI guess to no one’s surprise, Barack Obama tonight clinched the Democratic party nomination and is the presumptive nominee for November’s election. I’m sad for Hillary Clinton, but very impressed by her determination. She ran a superb race, and you have to give her credit for sticking it out until the end. In her speech tonight from New York, she said she was making no decisions. It was definitely not a concession speech. She indicated that she’ll do whatever is in the best interests of the party.

“This has been a long campaign, and I will be making no decisions tonight,” she said.

Clinton said she would meet with supporters and party leaders in the coming days to determine her next steps.

I’m really not sure if she’s interested in being Obama’s running mate or not.

Assuming nothing crazy happens between now and Denver, Barack Obama will be the democratic nominee. That means I want him to win in the general election. I worry that he’s a weaker candidate against McCain than Hillary would have been, however. I know he can give a speech like no one else, but you need to do more than that to become President.

I really hope that Obama’s win tonight doesn’t mean a loss for the Democrats come November.

Read: CNN

5 thoughts on “Barack Obama clinches the Democratic nomination

  1. “I’m really not sure if she’s interested in being Obama’s running mate or not.”

    According to Global News, she’s said she would be willing to run with him as VP. It’s more whether he wants her…

  2. I think he’d be foolish not to take her. There are so many people who have said that they’d vote McCain if Clinton lost the nomination, and this would at least prevent some of the crossover.

    However….in terms of OUR economy, McCain needs to win if we want to keep our dollar high and have easy access to free trade, because you know Obama is going to re-work NAFTA to favour the US.

  3. I really hope they (yes, her and Bill) are not on as VP. She’s not upfront enough for my liking. She didn’t tell any media that she’d be up for VP: she told some other people on a conference call and then let that trickle out.

    The CNN analysis of her speech included comments to the effect that she’s holding her ’18 million’ voters to randsome, i.e. she needs to be at least heard, if not VP, in order to tell her supporters to go with Obama.

    During a debate she was happy to stir the Reverend stick saying that these questions should be asked, when Obama said these aren’t important issues.

    There’s also the issue that Obama doesn’t need to looked bullied by her into giving up the slot when going again McCain.

    I believe Edwards could be VP judging by his endorsement speech though there were times during it when he sounded like he was the one running.

  4. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that Edwards is definitely not interested in being Obama’s VP, but is open to other positions.

    I think Obama/Hillary would unify the party, but I don’t think it’s in either of their best interests.

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