DemoCampCalgary10 & National Digital Media Day

Yesterday afternoon I made my way down to Calgary for DemoCampCalgary10. I went to their BarCamp in June, but before last night had never attended a DemoCamp there. I was happy to see some familiar faces and meet some new people also. In a way DCC10 was like a mini-tweetup, as there were quite a few Calgary twitterers in attendance! Appropriately, I put “@mastermaq” on my nametag. It was great to catch up with everyone.


There were four demos. The first was SpeakLike (didn’t catch the presenter’s name) which is some sort of translation service and software. Their demo didn’t really work, so it’s hard to say anything about it. Next up was Kent from AllianceOne. They are building a cell phone plan management system for businesses. Third was Marcus from SharingBooks, a way for the authors of children’s books to publish faster. The final demo was Matt from Curve Dental. They are working on new clinical software for dentists. I didn’t find any of the demos very strong, but I’d say Matt’s was the best because he actually demoed how the software works (despite the fact that he started with a slide!).

Yesterday was also the first ever National Digital Media Day. The goal is to raise the profile of the digital media industry. Lots of events were planned all across Canada, and DemoCamp was Calgary’s. You can find out more about NDMD at I Refresh For Content.

Here are my photos from DemoCampCalgary 10. The next DemoCamp in Calgary will take place on October 23rd.

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