Barack Obama wins the election!

I’m so happy that Barack Obama is the president-elect! He will be sworn in on January 20th, 2009. I’m very much looking forward to the governing phase of things, and was glad to hear Obama talk about tonight being just the first step. The real work can now begin.

Photo by Ozier Muhammad, The New York Times

Here’s the story from the New York Times: Racial Barrier Falls as Voters Embrace Call for Change. And from CNN: Obama inspires historic victory.

For more information in the coming days and weeks, be sure to check Wikipedia.

Congratulations Barack Obama!

One thought on “Barack Obama wins the election!

  1. Americans have proved the highest level of democracy world over by breaking racial barriers to elect a president they regard as fit for the job as per current needs. excellent i wish the world could learn to appreciate one another irregardless of whatever barriers we need to continue breaking such barriers. I know here and there some ignorant people may have different views feelings but God loves us all as we are with no regards to race sex religion etc well done America you mhave demonstrated to the world that true democracy exists

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