Sketches from CanUX 2008

I had a blast at CanUX 2008 this week! It was my first real introduction to Canada’s User Experience community, and a great opportunity to meet some interesting people. I learned a lot, and have tons to read and think about! You can read about the sessions at Techvibes: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3. You can find all of my photos here.

We ended up doing quite a bit of sketching and drawing at the conference, which was something I didn’t expect. It was fun though, and something I think I will practice. Here are a few sketches from the sessions (I originally wrote these in my Moleskine and re-did them using my tablet):

This one comes from the creativity session on day 2, led by The Banff Centre. It’s a representation of David Snowden’s Domains of Knowing.

This one comes from Jerome Ryckborst’s session on Designing with Developers. It illustrates the different types of people that your team likely has. Ideas are created on the left, and refined or implemented on the right.

This one was shown in Brandon Schauer’s session on Sketchboards. It shows the two basic types of sketching. Exploratory sketching results in lots of rough and varied ideas. Refinement sketching results in fewer, better ideas.

The visual alphabet was something Dave Gray shared with us. Early on in his career, he started searching for the ABC’s or 123’s of drawing, and this is what he found. Can any drawing be made just from these simple characters? Probably!

Thanks to Gene, Yvonne, Jess, and the rest of the nForm team for putting on a fantastic event!

4 thoughts on “Sketches from CanUX 2008

  1. Wow! Thanks for the diagrams… and yes, almost anything can be made from lines. 😉

    As for the session on “Domains of Knowing”, I think that’s really interesting. Makes me wonder what I would fall under… either of those two on the left side, I think… I’m not quite sure.

    These are really awesome though! Thanks for posting!

    Man, I should have been there… next year!

  2. Thanks for posting the sketch of conative preferences, which I use in Five Sketches™ training to talk about how people prefer to engage with a problem when they are under pressure.

    There’s lots more info on, including a narrated video of the original napkin that ignited it. (Search on for “napkin”.)

    -=- Jerome

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