Recap: Edmonton Code Camp 2008

edmonton code camp On Saturday we held Edmonton Code Camp 2008 downtown at MacEwan. Code Camp is an all-day event by developers, for developers. The only rule for presentations is that you have to show some code! Otherwise, it’s just a great opportunity to meet other developers in the community, and learn from one another.

We had three tracks of content. For posterity, here’s a list of the presentations we had:

I think my favorite was probably Mark Bennett’s talk on Javascript testing. It was about more than just jQuery, and I learned some really useful things. Like Mark, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the best way to organize, test, and evolve an application that is Javascript-heavy.

A large group of us went to Metro for lunch, which wasn’t the best idea because we were half an hour late getting started again in the afternoon! It turned out okay though.

Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday, it was great to meet all of you! In particular, I was surprised at the number of Twitter users in attendance. For a smaller event, there was sure a lot of tweets posted!

Big thanks also to Steven Rockarts, who did most of the heavy lifting to get the event off the ground.

Let’s make next year’s code camp bigger and better!

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