I appreciate my iPod touch more now that I have a BlackBerry

I recently became a member of the CrackBerry crowd. My last three year contract ended in November, and I figured it was time to get something better than my old Motorola phone. I was thinking about the iPhone, but since I already had an iPod touch, I ended up going with the BlackBerry Curve. So far, I love it. Text messaging is much better, email access is fantastic (obviously), and I can hop online from anywhere if need be.

It hasn’t been a perfect experience however. I’ve run into a number of issues trying to figure out how to do things – simple things that took no time at all to figure out on the iPod touch. Here’s a small list of them:

  • One of the first things I did was open up the browser. It took me a ridiculously long time to figure out how to enter an address though! Eventually I figured out the menu button and the “Go to” option, but I found the iPod much easier – just scroll up and there’s the address bar.
  • Another problem was deleting messages. Very quickly I figured out how to delete a single message, but I couldn’t figure out how to delete multiple messages at once! I ended up searching for it, and found the CAPS button trick. The iPod was much easier – nice big edit button, which reveals checkboxes beside each item. Just really intuitive.
  • Settings are another issue. Changing the background on my iPod took barely any effort at all, but I once again had to Google for help with the BlackBerry. The menus just seem to make more sense on the iPod.
  • I like to keep the unread messages count cleared, and one day it was stuck at one. I checked the email inbox, the text messaging inbox, and both were empty. I once again turned to the web and found out that missed calls show up as unread messages! I then opened up the Call Log, but it didn’t clear! Turns out they show up as messages in the combined inbox. Confusing design.

There have been other issues of course, but these few stuck out. In general, I think the interface on the iPod/iPhone is just much more intuitive. I guess that’s not surprising, given Apple’s reputation for good design, but it still caught me off-guard.

Most of my searches end up at the the CrackBerry.com forums. I’m clearly not the only one who has run into these issues! Thanks to everyone who has contributed there – you’ve made it much easier for me to get up-to-speed with the BlackBerry!

8 thoughts on “I appreciate my iPod touch more now that I have a BlackBerry

  1. I agree with most of this. I ditched the BB a while back, and then later started using a Touch. Night and day. Sure, the BB worked, but it took some work to make it work. I’m looking at either an iPhone or a new BB now, and by the sound of it, the new BBs aren’t much better than the old ones, so it might be an iPhone for me…

  2. Thanks for the tip about the CAPS trick to delete all messages in one go. I had assumed it wasn’t possible on the BB, which I thought was a rather ridiculous oversight, considering just about every other phone in existence have a “Delete All” option that is clearly marked.

    Overall, I enjoy my BB (though I don’t have a Touch of iPhone to compare it with), but I sometimes find that it lacks basic functionality that is common in much more basic phones or, when the function isn’t missing, it’s a bit of a pain to get it working.

  3. I was a avid BB user for almost over 2 years.. and have made the switch to the iPhone at the end of September.

    So far I can say I’m quite impressed with iPhone and it has surpassed my expectations.

    Basically my opinion is that the BB does email the best, but the iPhone does almost everything else better.

    What I miss from my Blackberry:
    BlackBerry Messenger – Its a pretty cool system which allows pin to pin messaging which is quite a bit more advanced then SMS and its a feature that works great when you know alot of other people with BB devices. The main downfall of this system is that the PINs are tied to the devices and not your cellular number so if you ever have to repair a device or upgrade it, you need to get your friends to re-add you.

    The Blinking Red Light – if you’ve owned a BB you know what I mean. Its a little red light that blinks when you have something which needs your attention. The iPhone doesn’t have any external indicator, so you actually need to check your device if you didn’t hear your email come in.

    What I love about my iPhone:

    Applications: With the widespread development of the iPhone apps, if you can think of a cool app that you would like to have on your phone chances are there is an app already built. Granted alot of apps are useless, there are just as many fantastic apps out there. There is no where near the selection of apps on any other platform.

    Visual Voicemail: iPhone exclusive where you essentially see all of your voicemail on one page and you can callback, delete, lookup info on it from one interface.

    iPod integration: I had a music and video player on my BB but never/barely used it. I actually use the iPod features on my iPhone.

    I could go on for a while on the differences, but I’ll leave it at that.

  4. I also do the BlackBerry/iPod Touch combo. I basically only have the BlackBerry because of work, and unfortunately am still stuck with my regular dumbphone until August when the contract runs out.

    I quite enjoy the blackberry but my experiences with the BB are the same as yours. Confusing/interesting choices for design, etc where the iPod Touch just works.

  5. I completely agree, the thing about the iphone is its ease of use, everything is so simple to access and install, plus the fact there are thousands of useful applications for it. I have been use the google maps app to get around from a to b instead of a tom tom or whatever and it has been pretty good.

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