Cleaning up Edmonton

Now that the snow is gone, the amount of garbage that accumulated on streets and sidewalks throughout the winter is becoming quite noticeable. The City of Edmonton has two primary initiatives to help clean up all of the trash – Capital City Clean Up, a year-round program that encourages civic engagement, and the River Valley Clean Up, a one-day event to give the river valley a spring cleaning.

Today I helped to clean up a small area in the Oliver community (I live on the west side of Oliver). Organized by @CaryWilliams, a block captain in the Capital City Clean Up program, about eleven of us participated: @jdarrah, @bingofuel, @thespindoctor, @stuporstar, @out_inc, @mastermaq, @jodiegiese, @sirthinks, @zoomjer, and Alanna (who I don’t think is on Twitter).


We tackled the area bounded by 104th and 102nd avenues, and 112th and 114th streets. Here are a few observations from the clean up:

  • Not a surprise I guess, but there was a ton of cigarette-related garbage: butts, papers, and even empty packages. We couldn’t pick up all the cigarette butts or we’d have been there for weeks, but we did our best.
  • There was definitely a lot of Tim Horton’s garbage: cups and wrappers, but mostly lids, and tabs from the lids.
  • There have been a number of new condo and apartment buildings erected in the area in the last year or two, which means there was some construction-related trash. I was amazed how much yellow styrofoam there was!
  • We found three dead birds in total, two magpies and a pigeon.
  • And some good news: only one condom and no needles.

Everyone did a great job and nearly filled an entire bag of garbage, but the superstar today was definitely Jason:


He did an incredibly thorough job and filled three bags! He also seemed to find the most interesting trash, as you can see in the photo.

Many of us plan for a spring cleaning in our homes and businesses, but let’s not forget that our communities need to be cleaned up also! It doesn’t take very much time or effort, but it makes a big difference. You can learn more about the Adopt-A-Block program here.

6 thoughts on “Cleaning up Edmonton

  1. Nice write-up. Great to see you guys involved in the community. I don’t mean to be a jerk but you have Pigeon spelled wrong. ‘PiDgeon’. I’m guessing you mixed that up with Pidgin?
    Sorry for being a spelling Nazi. Keep up the great work as always!

  2. Great job and it looks like all had fun too. This story came to me via my email Google search for Edmonton apartment by the way. There is a $250 fine for littering such as throwing a cigarette butt on the ground. I wish there was stricter enforcement.

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