Washington DC Trip: Day 6

Today was our last day in Washington. We left the hotel just after 9:30am and headed toward the Eastern Market, a large farmers market east of the Capitol Building. We both like markets, but Sharon in particular was excited to see what the locals have available to them. Eastern Market is just a block or two away from a metro stop, and is situated in a neighborhood seemingly full of little shops. The market consists of the primary food vendors indoors, and additional food vendors and craft tables outdoors. Today there was also a flea market set up outside.

We walked past a number of the tables, before deciding we should get coffee before going any further. We spotted a shop called Port City Java across the street and stopped in to get an iced coffee. I liked the vanilla flavor shot (for some sweetness) while Sharon liked the crushed ice. Coffee in hand, we continued through the outdoor tables, purchasing a couple peaches (which we ate at the airport), half a pound of coffee, a necklace for Sharon, and an Obama/McCain photograph for me. Before heading back to the metro, we took a quick walk through the indoor market with all the food just to see. Two primary observations: they sell non-local produce (such as bananas and pineapples), and the line-up for Market Lunch (where they serve their famous blueberry pancakes) was out the door!

Eastern MarketEastern MarketSharon with Iced CoffeeEastern MarketEastern MarketSo many boxes

Our next stop was Tabard Inn, where we had a brunch reservation. The closest Metro stop was Dupont Circle, in what is called the Golden Triangle. We were dismayed to discover that both up escalators at the station were not working, which meant we had to walk up probably 200 steps! Everyone struggled to make it to the top, laughing along the way. It was quite the workout!

Tabard Inn was one of the places we had written down as a potential place to stay. but I’m glad we didn’t, because it was further from a Metro stop than GWU, and while quaint and homey inside, didn’t seem as comfortable. We found the restaurant in the back, and were happy to sit indoors away from the sun and heat. One of the neat things they serve are donuts, which we were told are usually eaten as an appetizer. I can best describe the donuts as large mini-donuts! For brunch, Sharon ordered the Blueberry Pancakes, while I went for the Scrambled Eggs with Sausage. Everything was pretty good, but I particularly liked the bread they served.

Tabard InnMack @ Tabard InnSharon @ Tabard InnBlueberry PancakesDrumming!Crazy escalator

After brunch we slowly made our way back to our hotel, stopping briefly in Dupont Circle to watch an impromptu drumming performance and at Macy’s to discover their shoe selection was relatively weak (compared with the one we visited in NY anyway). We retrieved our bags, and set off for the Rosslyn Metro station, where we planned to catch the bus to Dulles International Airport.

We arrived at Rosslyn just as the bus was loading, but were turned away because it was full. That meant we had to wait another hour for the next bus! This was both good and bad: good because we didn’t have as much time to kill at the airport, bad because we had to wait in the crazy heat and sun! Fortunately we didn’t spend the entire time outside, seeking refuge in the nearby McDonalds for a while (but we wanted to make sure we were near the front of the line for the next bus so didn’t venture too far).

We caught the bus (air conditioned, thank goodness) and made it to Dulles with time to spare. Our flight into Ottawa was uneventful, as is the one we’re currently on back to Edmonton.

It was a great vacation but it seemed relatively short. I guess the best ones always do! I’ll be posting all our photos this weekend, as well as a final recap post. Sharon will be making her posts over the next week or so also, with more detail than mine I’m sure.

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