Lucy The Elephant on Twitter

As you may know, Lucy the Elephant is the talk of Edmonton right now. Former game show host Bob Barker visited yesterday, trying to secure Lucy’s release from the Valley Zoo. There has been a lot of controversy over whether or not Lucy is healthy and happy in her current home or whether she should be moved to an elephant sanctuary elsewhere. One external veterinarian has examined her thus far, and advised against moving Lucy (critics will point out he was the only one of eleven veterinarians who advised against moving a similar elephant out of Alaska a few years back). For more, check out Paula’s latest article.

I don’t know anything about elephants or zoos, and I haven’t taken the time to do any research, so I don’t really have an opinion on the matter. I do think it’s silly that Barker travelled all the way here just to stir the pot (and that William Shatner has also gotten involved). And sillier still that this will probably go to the courts now, costing everyone a lot of money.

People will continue to talk about it though, until there is some kind of resolution. One of the places they are doing that is on Twitter. Here’s what the chatter about Lucy over the last month and half looks like on Twitter:

To clarify, that is the number of tweets per day about Lucy (or the Valley Zoo, or Bob Barker, or William Shatner) written by local Twitter users. As you can see, it jumped quite a bit yesterday with Barker’s visit and is pretty high already today.

In addition to conversations, Twitter is a good place to find the latest news. I was looking for Lucy-related stuff on Twitter, and figured I could make it easier for others to do the same! Ten dollars and an hour and a half later, and was born!

Basically it pulls in the latest tweets related to Lucy (written by local users) and displays them in a manner similar to Twitter Search.

It was a fun experiment for me to create. It uses ShareEdmonton for the data, which means I got to validate some of the work I’ve been doing. If you have a moment, I have a couple questions about this:

  • Do you find single-serving Twitter search sites useful?
  • What else would you want quick access to alongside tweets?

Thanks and enjoy!

One thought on “Lucy The Elephant on Twitter

  1. It amazes me to see that Mr.Bob Barker,the elephant activist(if that is the name)seem to have no compassion for Lucy at all. In all the pictures and media cameras on him, he walked a distance away from Lucy,in a suit none the less,covering his face when walking by Lucy and not even looking at Lucy when he walked by her. why wasn’t it shown him feeding, riding her, if that was aloud, petting her!!Is he afraid afraid of her.

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