Timeraiser returns to Edmonton with a WestJet giveaway!

Last year, Timeraiser came to Edmonton for the first time. It was a great opportunity for people to connect with both local organizations looking for volunteers and with local artists. The event was a big success too: 4145 total hours were pledged by 180 people and $12,000 was invested in the careers of emerging artists, surpassing the goals the organizers had set. You can see my photos from the event here.

Timeraiser is like a mix between a silent art action and a volunteer fair. Here’s an overview of how it works:

This year, Timeraiser Edmonton is taking place on October 16 (on ShareEdmonton), and there are 20 agencies participating. You can get your tickets here, which include the Special Live Performance of Amy van Keeken’s Rock & Roll Sing-a-Long.

WHO: Everyone!
WHAT: 2nd Edmonton Timeraiser
WHEN: Saturday, October 16, 2010 at 7:00 PM
WHERE: TransAlta Arts Barns, 10330 84 Avenue (map)
WHY: To raise 4000 community hours for local organizations!
Click here to register!

The Timeraiser crew was in Edmonton a couple weeks ago, purchasing the art from local artists, and talking to over 100 local shops & restaurants about the upcoming event. It’s going to be a great night!

Win two tickets to anywhere WestJet flies!

One of the exciting things about Timeraiser this year is that WestJet has signed on to be the national presenting partner, and they have been running a social media contest in each city, giving away two airline tickets worth over $4000. I was asked to help give them away in Edmonton!

To enter the contest, leave a comment below answering this question:

What are you doing to help make Edmonton a better place?

You have until noon on October 13 to make your entry. After that, I’ll assist the Timeraiser organizers in picking the best comments and ultimately the winner. I’ll announce the winner here on October 14. You can see the full contest rules and regulations here.

Mark your calendars for October 16 and don’t miss the second Edmonton Timeraiser! You can learn more about Timeraiser on their blog and Facebook, and you can follow along using #timeraiser on Twitter.

UPDATE: Congrats to Christina for her comment on getting informed about Edmonton and contributing positively to our city!

48 thoughts on “Timeraiser returns to Edmonton with a WestJet giveaway!

  1. I invest in marginalized people in my community. I recognize the value and potential that everyone has. I believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and I strive to keep my actions aligned with that belief.

  2. I do my best to be a positive role model to my two girls..to treat people and animals and our city with respect. By showing them to treat our Edmonton with love and respect, I hope they carry that on, and help make our city a better place, one smile, one piece of litter, one positive attitude at a time.

  3. I believe in being a true urban Edmontonian without leaving a big carbon footprint. Live in the city, work in the city and play in the city. But do it all without a car. We use public transit, bike and walk. This is a great city to do that in. We are doing our part to keep the green city green!

  4. I believe I have improved Edmonton by creating a fun and unique way for Edmontonians to stay in shape, meet new people, and better get to know some of the city parks: by playing Flags style Capture the Flag. There are very few cities where it is possible to engage in such an exciting sport that requires teams with a range of talents as varied as Flags.

    With the help of my Flags Masters (Dan Pazder and others) I continue to improve Edmonton by hosting Flags matches and enhancing the league.

  5. As an out of towner from Vancouver Island I love to walk and plan on bringing some mild weather; and with our cultural bias will be busy visiting coffee shops in Edmonton.

  6. I have volunteered with several organizations over the years and am now a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters. I also promote Edmonton to everyone I know as a great place to live and support eating and buying local.

  7. I love to visit Edmonton and have always been impressed with its cleanliness and friendly people. I would love to win the voucher…
    West Jets The Best Airline!

  8. Edmonton becomes a better place when people are inspired to get engaged and participate! I think I manage to help inspire my peers, family and friends to get out and be active in their communities. That’s the whole leading by example bit… It’s a fantastic city, with loads of opportunities to make it even greater. Take a look at the ‘local first’ mentality that is spreading. That can be applied to a range of issues from food, to business and so on. And you can live it daily!

  9. I believe that a society can be judged by how we treat those at the margins. The arts are terribly marginalize so I do my best to support that sector. Additionally, I work with sexual minority youth through the institute for sexual minority services. If I were to win I’d help to make Edmonton better by donating the tickets to bring a few youth to Edmonton to experience Camp Fyrefly.

  10. I have been a volunteer in Edmonton for over 30 years. I am now a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton and have been involved with “Bigs” for 7 years. Mentoring children to become the best they can be will only make Edmonton and the world a better place…and I’m glad that I have the ability to be a positive role model in a child’s life to make that happen.

  11. I am encouraging Edmontonians (and Albertans) to vote in the upcoming civic election on October 18. I’ve created a website providing information, and hope all fellow commenters will visit & pass on the link.
    I am a Couchsurfer, which means that I host travelers from all around the world and show them a great time in Etown. I also am in my seventh year volunteering with Project Adult Literacy Society, teaching adult learners.
    I…ahem..also like to travel with Westjet and promote Edmonton wherever I go!

  12. My son has just started Grad School at the U of A in Edmonton – he WILL make Edmonton a better place because he is smart, dedicated and kind!

  13. I am (or at least try very hard to be) the change that I want to be – I encourage my family to be active, I teach my daughter to respect her community (her back yard and her playground right now) and I give what I can of my time and talents.

  14. Will vote in the municipal election.
    I’m active in my community promoting physical activity.
    I’m a also weekly shopper at the Old Strathcona
    Farmers Market andlook for all kind of local produts
    I’m proud to say I live here!

  15. A great quote says: “The three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.” (Joseph Addison) Edmonton personifies this!

    I promote safety in our city and surrounding areas. I do my best to be a good role model and strive to help the less fortunate. I donate my time and money to worthwhile causes in the community. I treat those around me with respect and patience.

  16. I’m trying to be friendlier in rush hour traffic. Letting people in, giving the wave, swearing less… and with that I hope to encourage that behaviour in others!

  17. I’m a “lifer” – I was born and raised here, and I’ve been an Edmonton booster for my entire life. I have actively contributed to this city as a volunteer for over 25 years, in the areas of social justice, human rights, and the visual arts. I believe passionately in investing in my community, and being conscious of my impact on others and on the planet – shopping local, using transit (YAY LRT!!), reducing my footprint at home and at work wherever possible. As an artist and arts administrator here, I am always blown away by the tremendous talent this city produces, and by the commitment people have to making this city a better place. I think Edmonton is an amazing city, and that we are on the threshold of some even more terrific things – it’s simply a matter of being here, being engaged, and helping to make it happen.

  18. I’ve been an active volunteer with my community league and my synagogue. I make a point of going out and meeting new people, letting others know how they can experience the best that Edmonton has to offer whether it be through events, social media, festivals or connecting them with people who have similar interests.
    I have organized tweetups so people can meet each other and exchange ideas. I was a presenter at Pecha Kucha Night 7.
    I love Edmonton for what is offers to all spectrums of its population and how people are passionate about this city and want to improve it for the future.

  19. I am in health care and I am using my skills to help those I can, anywhere I am in Canada, especially in Edmonton! Currently, I am providing support to needs some assistance in getting through some health issues and also helping them in any way I can to return to the workforce. I hope my skills, time and patience will help anyone who comes across my path!

  20. Great question!
    I am doing, thinking and involved here in Edmonton because I see a ton of potential and this is my HOME.

    1- I have made a decision to not leave this city, but instead live here, work here and contribute to it during my lifetime.

    2- I Volunteer with an organization that promotes community involvement and engagement within our charitable organizations to increase awareness and participation with local issues surrounding our city.

    3- I work with a developer and I am forming opportunities to develop our infrastructure, to increase the attractiveness of our city, and also the effectiveness of our urban community.

    4- I think attending events such as these, meeting other people who are proud of this city and finding ways to act together to add life to a city that has wonderful people and great opportunities for international success.

  21. I know we’re all busy. But too busy to vote? I don’t believe it. The hardest part of elections is learning about the candidates so this year i pledged to make it easier for Edmontonians to vote. I sent out invites to every candidate in the election to respond to the same list of questions. Questions that affect us like tax rates and arena funding. I have gone through hours of tape, processed over 800 questions and along with my co-worker Stew have posted all of the candidates answers on the ctvedmonton website. Virtally every candidate responded and their answers are now in one spot that people can access with relative ease. Now people who say they’re too busy to vote have another place they can go to get the information they need. I believe this will make Edmonton a better place because people will feel empowered to get out and vote. We’ll also have a truer sense of what the voters in our city want and hopefully our collective voice will echo through the chamber of City Hall for the next three years.

  22. Edmonton is my home. It is the home of my parents and one daughter. I have been teaching young children in this city for 30 years (this is my 30th) and working to influence each one of them to be a responsible and contributing member to their classroom, school, and city community. I teach my students outside of the classroom in a variety of ways from leadership club, to catering club, to European Tours. Every aspect of the work I do with them influences their appreciation of this city, and inspires and motivates them to contribute to making this city the city they love. As a community member, I have been involved with many aspects of volunteer work from being on the Board of Directors of the Heritage Festival to being Craft Mom and Brownie Camp. Currently, I am on the executive at Slow Food Edmonton working to influence our community to buy local and to develop a sustainable food plan for our city. I am actively engaged in empowering young people to realize the potential I see in them throughout every aspect of my day. I am A Canadian Foodie. I an An Edmontonian. No one really knows me, or who I am in the political or big money social scene. But, I know I am making a difference. That is what motivates me every day.
    (That was fun: cha-cha-cha!)

  23. I’ve been going to school here for…wait a minute…SEVEN years? Good thing I like it here :). I was a vice president on a student organization for three years, making strides in increasing inter disciplinary connections and a fostering a sense of community at the U of A. Now as a grad student, I don’t have a lot of time to volunteer, but I continue to do odd things for the Canadian Cancer Society and Ronald McDonald house.

  24. As Edmontonians already know, E-Town is a wonderful city, rich with art, festivals, a gorgeous river valley, great restaurants and amazing people. Now that I live in Calgary, I do my part by constantly defending Edmonton from dubious comments made by its neighbours to the South. Extolling the virtues of our frozen Capital to mild weathered Cowtowners is like serving tofurkey to a rancher, but I do it loudly and proudly, as I think everyone needs to experience the diversity that Edmonton has to offer for themselves. Yay Edmonton! 🙂

  25. What are you doing to help make Edmonton a better place?

    To make Edmonton a better place I volunteer. I give my time, my money and my love to the things and people that not only make our community a better place to live in, but one that radiates kindness to the world. I do outreach work with sex trade workers to keep them safe, fed and eventually off the streets. I buy my food from local vendors in our farmer’s markets. I spend my money in independent shops and in ethnically diverse neighborhoods so that new Canadians and budding entrepreneurs can earn the money to buy homes in our city, send their children to our universities and become the tradespersons, professionals and creative doers of our city’s tomorrow. I boldly act as a promoter of our city everywhere I travel by being generous and kind and encouraging people to come to the greatest place of opportunity, Edmonton. I extoll the safety of our neighborhoods and the richness of our diverse makeup. In the end, I give everything I can to the City that has given me everything that I have.

  26. While I’m not as active in the community as some of the other entrants, I do try to make Edmonton a better place as best as I can.

    I am part of a local United Way fundraising team. I volunteer my time for fundraising events in hopes that we can meet our goal and provide required dollars to the United Way so that they can continue with their programs that assist the less fortunate in Edmonton.

    I’m a father of two little children who are still in diapers. For those who have changed diapers, you know that the garbage can fill up fast. To try and alleviate that, my wife and I use cloth diapers as much as we can.

    For the times that we do have excess garbage, I carry the trash to our neighbours so that the garbage collectors have one less stop in our neighbourhood.

    The one thing that I have learned from fatherhood is that any effort is never too small. I will raise my children to reflect good morals and to be proud of Edmonton and what the city is.

  27. When I am not nursing Edmontonians back to health, #Timeraiser has helped me to donate some of my spare time answering the phone to those who are in distress and need of someone to talk to at the Support Network. To take care of myself and the community, I run for various causes throughout year. I believe in Edmonton. I make it a better place at work, through volunteering and by participating in community events.

  28. For me it is the little things that make Edmonton a place I am proud to call home. I try to make it a better place by taking advantage of all it has to offer and contributing what I can.

    I take time to enjoy our beautiful river valley. I smile and say “hello” to people as I pass them on the trails and in the street. I pick up trash blowing around on the sidewalks. My husband and I take our children to the local festivals and displays. We also catch some of the local sporting events. Financially we contribute to local charities.

    As my children are still very small, they do not fully appreciate all that Edmonton has to offer but I hope as they get older we can share more with them. I hope that one day they are proud Edmontonians just like me!

  29. Being away from Edmonton this summer has reminded me of all that my own city has to offer. I talked non stop about how fortunate we are to have snow in May (really, who gets snow in May), summer festivals that begin in June and don’t quit until August, and of course, giving credit to local organizations that are the backbone of our city. For those who have never set foot in Edmonton, I gave it quite the reputation.

    We really do have it all, but we tend to forget that problems still exist. At a young age, I was always taught to give back to the community in any way I can. I have volunteered in different areas of the city, all for different causes. The Bissell Centre, Students for Literacy, Grey Nuns Hospital, and my latest project with Mode Models had me scrambling backstage at Fashion with Compassion in support of Sorrentino’s Compassion House. Every opportunity, given how little or big the responsibility was, gave me a chance to grow and impact a small portion of the community.

    We all recognize Edmonton as being home, and what makes Edmonton a better place are the people who live here and contribute to everything the city has to offer.

  30. #Timeraiser has helped me to give back to the community by volunteering at the Support Network, and helping those in crisis.

  31. What am I doing to help make Edmonton a better place?

    I’m doing something simple, and easy. Something everyone can, and should do; I’m being a good neighbour. Let me explain…

    Last year I moved into a house, my first house. I resolved to be more active in my community, because that’s what I was joining. Sometimes a few small actions by an individual can have the greatest impact on a community. Simply saying “hello” as you pass on the road fosters familiarity, and can build relationships that strengthen the community.

    When we received a huge dump of snow last winter I went out to clear my walks with my shovel. It was a lot of snow, but the weather was decent, so I kept clearing after I finished up my walks. I cleared 5 houses on my block, and 3 on the next block before heading inside. In the following week I received cookies, tarts, and a hand-drawn “thank you” card from some of the neighbours. The next time it snowed I went outside and my walks were already clear.

    I’ve helped a neighbour build a garage, move dirt, trim hedges, mow lawns, shovel snow and rake leaves. We’ve stood outside discussing how we can improve the security of the neighbourhood after a recent break-in, and I’ve called the police after seeing a shadowy figure lurking in the back alley late at night. We’ll stand in the back alley chatting (my wife calls it the “man meeting”) and waving at cars that drive by, or chatting with others out for walks.

    Good neighbours form good communities, and good communities form good cities. I’m proud of my past volunteer work, but when you ask what I’m doing to make Edmonton a better place, I’d have to say that I’m being a good neighbour, something everyone has the ability to do.

  32. for the last three years I’ve been a dedicated volunteer at the old strathcona youth society putting in up to 16 hours weekly doing youth support as well as building the website (www.osys.ca), and maintaining the facebook page

  33. I think that everyone that lives in the city, belongs in this city. I treat people in a way that shows they matter within our community.

  34. I love Edmonton. I moved back to this city after being away for four years and realized the immense opportunities that the city offers. I wanted to get involved in the community and decided to volunteer and work for an initiative with the City of Edmonton that aims at making Edmonton more attractive to young people, and encourages them to be involved in their communities and make a difference. This initiative not only strives to make Edmonton a better place, it helps to instil civic pride by organizing events aimed at engaging the community. And I make sure to let friends and family abroad know about how cool this city is!

  35. While I believe that we have a strong sense of community, I think it’s pulling up our pants and getting to know our neighbours and fellow citizens on a deeper level that will take us to the next stage as a world class city. As someone who lived and volunteered throughout Central America, one of the bright moments left with me was that feeling of open, trusting communication. Bringing what I’ve learned back to Edmonton, I started to incorporate my love of food into this plan. From my garden to my kitchen, I’ve created, baked, and donated more food to strangers in this last two year than I can remember in my entire life. All in hopes that people will exchange a bit of their time, their story, and their life. It’s worked amazingly well, and is something I can’t foresee giving up after what I’ve learned, and who I’ve discovered in this city. Great stories and friendly neighbours are everywhere.

  36. As a volunteer, I sit on the board of directors for a local club (Ad Club of Edmonton) that advocates creativity in our community. I help to plan great events for our club members and promote other great events from other clubs (ie. ArtScene, NextGen) in our city. I educate myself on a daily basis as to what is happening in our city, ie. politics, new local businesses, social media, etc.., so that I am an informed Edmontonian. This way, instead of complaining about how Edmonton sucks, I can help to make this city better. A famous quote that I lie to live by.. “be the change you want to see in the world”

  37. I work for a multicultural news network where our primary focus is newcomers to Edmonton and Canada. We use our news stories to reach that audience in their foreign languages. Primarily Mandarin and Cantonese.

  38. Although it sounds like I was given a bad wrap when my daughter was diagnosed at the age of 18 months with brain cancer, I truly believe it was a gift. She is now 20 years old and has totally changed my perspective and enjoyment of life. I try as hard to be a respectful person in everything I do. I am definately appreciative of all that have assisted me in maintaining my sanity through the journey. I show my appreciation by keeping a positive outlook and know every person has their own story and stresses and to honor them by listening and understanding their situations and live in ‘their shoes’ for if only for a moment. Living in the moment by giving what I can give at the time and not expecting anything in return. It is truly a wonderful experience.

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