Edmonton Election 2010: Candidates capture the moment on Twitter

Twitter is a great way to capture the moment, so I wondered, what did the candidates tweet after the results came in? Here are post-election tweets from the victorious candidates, followed by the tweets from everyone else (if an account isn’t listed below, it’s because either they haven’t yet updated, or the account has already been deleted).


Thank you Edmonton!

So proud of the citizens of Edmonton! Onward and upward!! #yegvote

Thank you Ward 3 !

I’d like to thank the voters of Ward 5 for their vote of confidence in me. Also, thank you to all the kind wishes 😀 #yeg

Thank you everyone for your support. All but one poll is in and it looks like I’m heading back to Council in Ward 8 #yegvote #yegcc #yeg

Touched by #yegvote results in the first batch of results.

We did it! Thanks to everybody. It’s an amazing feeling and I’m ready to get to work for folks. I’m honored. #yegvote

I’ve received a kind call from Ward C candidate Tony Henshall. My thanks to the #yeg Twitter community for all your help. #yegvote #epsb

I just removed the word "candidate" from my twitter bio. Thanks #WardG! #epsb #yeg #yegvote

Thanks to all the residents/supporters of Ward I. Best wishes to @PublicTrustTina. Ready for the leadership role as Trustee Cleary on EPSB!

Everyone has gone home, kids are all in bed, house is quiet and I am still way too excited to sleep! THANK YOU supporters ! #yegvote #epsb

A brave new world emerging within Edm. Public tonight. I say hurrah. Democracy delivers. #yegvote #yeg #epsb

Welcome Trustee-Elects Johner, Spencer, Mackenzie, Hoffman, Janz & Cleary, Congrats to Trustees Shipka & Colburn. Let’s get to work! #epsb

Thank you Edmonton for your support. It has been a great honour to have my name stand for Mayor of Edmonton. #yegvote

Hat’s off to @mandelformayor. My sincerest congratulations. #yegvote

Taking tomorrow off to spend with my family. Thanks for the support #yeg I will be back #yegvote

New day, New goals, "Defending Democracy" http://www.andrewlineker.webs.com

Thank you everyone for your support!

@serfx Thank you very much for the kind words and the campaign for 2013 starts tomorrow – today I will rest.

Thank you to all who supported me! We ran an honest upfront campaign and I am proud! #yeg #yegvote

Thanks for all your kind words everyone. Running for council was a privilege. Stay engaged, folks. Be well. #yegvote #yeg

a little disappointed in tonight’s results, but the road to 2013 starts Wednesday (Tuesday is nap time…) #yegvote

Took all my signs down Putting less up means taking less down Good luck 2 the others w/cleaning up your 1,000’s of pieces of litter #voteroxiemalone

Thank you everyone for listening, even if you elected someone else. Rami #yeg #yegvote

Its been a good fight. Hats off to @KerryDiotte for winning Ward 11. Thanks to all my volunteers. #yeg #yegvote

I want to thank all the volunteers and the voters. We ran a clean campaign and in 28 days, we fought hard had some fun & made new friends.

Thanks to all those in #yeg 4 their support and encouragement. The beginning of a new era for #epsb & the (cont) http://tl.gd/6i9uji

Beaten, but not defeated. I’ll be back so watch every steps and mind your mistake Mr Consoller for I will keep an eye on you the next 3 yrs

Oh so close! 1% difference. Recount! #epsb #yegvote #abed #yeg

Of course, candidates weren’t the only ones capturing the moment on election night! More on that in a future post!

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