YEGWOOD Launch Party & TreeFarer Shades Giveaway!

yegwoodOne of the highlights of this year’s Fringe Festival was Sustainival, an amusement park on the grounds featuring carnival rides powered by used vegetable oil (Sharon wrote about our experience here). With sales of more than 25,000 rides and lots of positive feedback, the first iteration of Sustainival was a big success for founder Joey Hundert. Now he’s focused on his next venture: YEGWOOD.

YEGWOOD is a group of fashion & environmentally conscious people. We like our style and we love our planet.

We’re also from Edmonton, which isn’t necessarily a global hub of progressive fashion. We’re not knocking our small town of a million people, but great wears can be hard to find here. So, we set about our task of bringing absolutely righteous apparel & accessories to YEG. Thus, YEGWOOD was born.

I remember seeing the Yegwood booth at the Fringe Festival, and of course it caught my eye because of the name. Their first product was the WeWOOD watch, a line of watches made from recycled wood. Now they’re offering wooden sunglasses, also using recycled wood. And maybe soon, prescription glasses too:

“We have our labs here in Edmonton and we have been experimenting with prescription frames, so all of the folks who have inquired about using our glasses for their day-to-day glasses, we will be able to offer something soon.  In the mean time, we have some seriously beautiful sun glasses for Albertans to enjoy during our upcoming sunny winter (yes, we are willing a sunny winter to happen).”

To celebrate, Yegwood is hosting a launch party on December 17 at Da Capo. You can see the event details on Facebook or on ShareEdmonton. One of the highlights is a photo booth sponsored by Georgie Magazine. Simply get your photo taken wearing a part of the sunglasses and you could win a pair for free!

Here’s a promo video for the event featuring the Da Capo crew:

I’d encourage you to check out the event to learn more about Yegwood and the new sunglasses. If you can’t make it though, don’t worry – Yegwood has given me one pair of TreeFarer sunglasses to give away here!

The TreeFarers are inspired by the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer. The rust FRAMES & TEMPLES (arms) are made out of a reddish softwood with a tight grain pattern. The HINGES are spring-loaded to flex in either direction (in & out), ensuring the right fit across a broad spectrum of faces. The LENSES are polarized poly-carbonate with a medium tint; they are UV400 rated. 

The glasses have a retail value of $119. There are only about 50 available for the holiday season!

To enter the contest, simply leave a comment below telling me how you plan to live more sustainably in Edmonton in 2012. The winner will be picked at random from the comments. The contest closes at 12:00 AM on December 18 (midnight on the evening of the 17th).

You can like Yegwood on Facebook to keep up-to-date on news and announcements. Check out Metro’s article on Yegwood too.

23 thoughts on “YEGWOOD Launch Party & TreeFarer Shades Giveaway!

  1. First comment! I have finally halted my flyer delivery, and I will also try to use less packaging for everything – that’s my sustainability goal.

  2. I’m planning to work more closely with EOGG and OFRE to harvest local produce and I’m exploring possibilities for locally produced and spun yarn for my knitting commissions and pieces for sale.

  3. love the glasses.  i have recently moved to a new apartment and have vowed to buy NOTHING new for it.  i am buying any/every thing that i need from local second hand stores!
    su  🙂

  4. I’ve actually thought a lot about it, and I’m looking at getting rid of my car in the new year. Rachel has one that we can share, and I’m close enough to work to bike or walk most days. When it’s really cold, I can take the bus.

  5. I already live in an a tiny apartment, don’t drive and eat from the 104 street farmer’s market, but I think for next year, I am going to look into really curbing my spending and asking myself do I really need this? Stuff seems to slowly creep into my life — an dthen I need to get rid of it….

  6. I’m going to start with only eat meat that we hunt. Also, I’m going to cut down on paper by borrowing books from the library instead of purchasing them.

  7. I am only going to use wood from a certified sustainable forest in my Fireplace. I also recycled my SUV and am now driving a little civic coupe.  

  8. My goal is to buy/shop more locally. So far I have been quite successful and plan on continuing to do so for many years to come.

  9. I shall live sustainably in 2012 by walking to work, living in a small apartment (thus minimizing my energyl footprint), avoiding the consumer consumption as much as possible, buying ecologically friendly products, and supporting Yegwood and their honourable quest by hopefully sporting a free pair of their awesome sunglasses!

  10. I’m going to continue taking the bus to work during the winter and hopefully some biking to work during the summer.

  11. Our plan to live more sustainably in 2012 
    – continue to commute as much as possible via scooter in summer & small car in winter (unfortunately transit will not work for us)
    – continue to refrain from using air conditioning (my family hates me for it)
    – install low flow toilets (not sure my family would go for composting toilets)
    – purchase front loading washer & use clothesline when possible
    – continue to remind kids to shut off the lights!
    – planting a large food garden & hopefully greenhouse (and in the process eliminate more lawn)
    – edible planting in the rest of the yard.
    – set up back yard composter.
    – continue to recycle
    – try every time to bring reusable shopping bags into the store (getting better)

    Already done:
    – Reinsulated overhanging floor & sealed air leaks (Made a huge difference! No more cold floor!)
    – all lights in house switched to CFLs (with a few halogens, by necessity)
    – triple paned windows
    – extra 2 inches of foam insulation on house

  12. My sustainable goals for 2012…use a recyclable coffee filter…compost…and stop buying paper towels!

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