It’s the season of detours downtown!

Summer means lots of construction here in Edmonton, so we shouldn’t be surprised by detours and road closures. More than $122.9 million is being invested in special projects, road paving, and other growth infrastructure projects this year! While walking around downtown today, I took some photos of a number of the projects underway.

On the east side of the 105 Street hill there’s a new sidewalk! It’s much wider, which is great for pedestrians. Looks like they are still doing some work on the west side.

New sidewalk on 105 Street

Between Jasper Avenue and 102 Avenue there is pavement renewal work being done on 106 Street:

Construction on 106 Street

There’s a lot of activity near the Legislature grounds, as the Federal Building and Centennial Plaza construction continues.

Centennial Plaza Construction

Work also continues on Capital Boulevard (108 Street). If you look closely here, you can see the street widen near the construction signs.

Capital Boulevard Construction

There’s also rehabilitation work happening on the north end of Capital Boulevard:

Capital Boulevard Construction

The most visible construction downtown is definitely the Central Station LRT Rehabilitation and Jasper Avenue Streetscaping. Basically avoid Jasper Avenue from 100 Street to 102 Street if at all possible.

Jasper Avenue Construction

They have now started removing the surface near 102 Street:

Jasper Avenue Construction

This section near 100 Street looks like it’ll be next. It has been pretty interesting to see how they do this work over the last couple weeks. It looks like the use a giant saw to slice the road (the thin straight lines in the photo below) then they’ll use the larger machinery to dig it up.

Jasper Avenue Construction

I didn’t make it up there today, but there is of course the North LRT to NAIT construction taking place along 105 Avenue and 105 Street (among other places). Here’s a great panorama from Hugh Lee:

LRT Expansion Expanded

One of the projects you’ll encounter as you enter downtown is the Grierson Hill Bridge & MacDonald Drive Pedestrian Underpass Rehabilitation. The City has been updating that page with photos.

For an overview of all current major road projects in the city, click here. Or, check out the more detailed construction schedule at Construction On Your Streets.

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