Election Day 2013

After months of campaigning, it all comes down to today. Candidates will continue to push get-out-the-vote efforts throughout the day, but the race is largely over. They’ve done all they can. The rest is up to us. Who will win the battle for City Hall?

Pecha Kucha Night 17

Have you voted yet? Figure out where to vote and who you’re voting for, and get it done. This is your opportunity to help define our municipal leadership for the next four years. Don’t waste it! Be sure to check out the City’s website for information on valid identification and more.

Tonight, I invite you to watch the results come in with the ShareEdmonton Election Results Dashboard. The polls close at 8pm, and the dashboard will automatically update whenever new results are posted. You’ll see race-by-race charts and results, plus overall statistics for voter turnout and percentage of voting stations reporting data. There’s also a leaderboard to quickly see who’s leading in each race, and some historical voter turnout numbers too.

Thanks for following along with my election coverage thus far. I’ll have further updates this week after the results are in.

Please vote, and check out the results dashboard tonight!

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