6 thoughts on “Get engaged with the new Edmonton Insight Community

  1. Interesting. I wonder how Cory and others are thinking about the representativeness of this self-selecting group. What will opinion trends within this group be taken to say about what communities in the city want, about the legitimacy of policy directions, etc.?

    Any sense of this, Mack?

    1. They certainly recognize the limitations, and don’t anticipate pointing to the community as being widely representative. It won’t replace the kinds of research done by firms like Bannister. My sense is that position will evolve though, based on adoption.

  2. Thanks for the post on this new tool and new approach!
    Regarding David’s good question on representativeness, the whole point of building such a large sample size for this community is to be able to get wider participation, and when combined with the robust demographic info we require each “panelist” to provide, we can work to ensure that the community reflects the Edmonton population demographics. We do this by targeting under-represented groups with specific recruitment efforts, and we can weight the results against the census data for our city’s population.
    But representation is always an issue with any form of consultation, and self-selection is an issue at all types of consultation, such as the angry resident at a public meeting.
    In addition, Stats Can just released data this week that says households here with traditional landlines have dropped to 56%. That makes phone polls more challenging. However, in Alberta the proportion of households with an active cell phone was the highest in Canada at 91%, making consultation that considers mobile devices a logical direction to add to consultation methodology.
    The other hypothesis behind an ongoing community is that a self-selection may be the case for one topic, but the fact that this is an ongoing consultation on range of topics may mean someone joins for one reason and they contribute for a wide range of issues.
    As with any method of consultation – and this will complement others – public input is only one of the factors for decision makers to consider, along with technical, financial, greater good… factors.
    Finally – is self-selection always bad when we are talking about getting informed and sharing local knowledge to help shape the city? Sometimes that’s called leadership or civic responsibility.
    Nevertheless, we are very sensitive to representativeness, perhaps more than other institutions such as our law courts that select 12 people to decide on serious issues. But, like the law courts, we also focus on the validity of panelists to delve into issues, learn and share their knowledge and INSIGHTS for the community benefit.
    Look forward to more discussion on engagement and representativeness – just don’t try to phone me at dinner with a random phone poll! 🙂

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