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Media Monday Edmonton: Title Junk

I’ve been thinking of writing this post for a while now. Back in December John Gruber wrote about title junk, also known as “poorly designed web page titles”. It is something I have thought about more and more since launching Edmonton Etcetera, because I link to so many things using essentially just the title of… Reads more »

Media Monday Edmonton: Week in Review #3

Here’s my third week in review: Biggest news of the week as far as I am concerned is the announcement that the edmontonian will be debuting a 30-minute show on Shaw TV this April. “We wanted new ways to tell Edmonton’s stories. We wanted new ways for you to contribute,” wrote editors Jeff and Sally… Reads more »

Media Monday Edmonton: Week in Review #2

Here’s my second week in review: Vue Weekly is no longer “Edmonton’s 100% Independent News and Entertainment Source.” If you check the fine print on the Vue Weekly masthead, you’ll find the following: “Vue Weekly is a division of Postvue Publishing LP (Robert W. Doull, President) and is published every Thursday.” Representatives of Doull’s BC-based… Reads more »

Media Monday Edmonton: How fast are local media websites?

On the web, page speed matters. If your site takes too long to load, people will go elsewhere. Google proved this by purposefully slowing down its search engine. They found that even just half a second caused fewer searches. Bottom line: users love fast sites! With that in mind, I decided to look at local… Reads more »

Media Monday Edmonton: Meet the new West Edmonton Local

Last week a new media organization launched here in Edmonton, one that is quite unlike any of the others. West Edmonton Local is a project of Grant MacEwan University’s journalism program focusing on news in the west end of our city. It’s a website, an experiment in hyperlocal news, and a fantastic learning tool for… Reads more »

Media Monday Edmonton: Week in Review #1

Like many others, I’m interested in the continual evolution of journalism and media. And given my passion for Edmonton, I’m particularly interested in that evolution at a local level. Where have we been, and where are we going? What’s next? I’m not particularly interested in the distinction between “traditional media” and “new media”, though I… Reads more »